All in one product that gives me quick shaves.

Shane | Customer

I love this thing!

Leaves skin feeling silky smooth

"The ergonomic packaging for Remay was designed in a similar way to the way that deodorant is typically sold, with an applicator to easily dispense the product and protect it when not in use."

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REMAY Produces an Innovative Egg-shaped Solid Shaving Bar

Laura McQuarrie |

Jennifer | Customer

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"I love this thing!!!!! It works great for men and women. One of my favorite things is that I don't need to dispose of it at a FIRE HALL when it's empty. It also doesn't leave rust circles on my bath tub. The scent is nice and not too strong".

Serena Taylor-Bacon | Facebook Review

"Every bit as good for your skin as moisturizing shave gels, but without the mess! Just add a little water and you're ready to remove unwanted hair no matter where you happen to be. Also, your razors will last longer since there is no clogging residue to dull the blades. Wonderful product for yourself or as a gift!"

I love this product. So convenient to use!

Stephanie | Customer

Best product ever! I save so much time using this, its great!

Avery | Customer