Your First Shave

Have you never shaved before? Looking for information for your first shaving experience? Then this article is for you! Shaving for the first time can be a scary experience. After all you are using a sharp razor to get the job job. But not to worry, we will go through the steps of shaving so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Shaving is a great way to get immediate results of smooth hairless skin. [For more on why we still shave click here]

But there are different types of methods to hair removal, so we recommend doing some research beforehand to find the right method for you. [For more on pros and cons of various hair removal methods click here] 

If you do choose shaving as your method of hair removal, we say: good choice! To benefit from shaving and have great looking skin, there are a few essentials that MUST be used to give you a beautiful healthy glow.

The following are some steps to follow to make sure you get the most out of your shave:

STEP 1: Wet your skin with warm water

Warm and cold temperatures can cause our skin to react differently. When shaving, you want to make sure your skin is relaxed and smooth so that the razor does not have bumps to get caught on. With warm water, you can reduce the amount of goosebumps on your skin while also relaxing your skin. 

STEP 2:  Put on some shaving gel

Razors are sharp tools that need to be used carefully. When using a razor on your skin, it is important to shield your delicate skin to prevent any cuts or nicks. Shaving gels provide a layer between the razor and your skin, allowing the blade to glide over your skin. Without this protective layer you will be prone to getting razor burn, cuts, or nicks, which could cause irritation and inflammation on your skin.

STEP 3: Start shaving

Once you have applied the shaving gel and you have your razor ready, you can start shaving. Keep the razor in upward motion, moving from the bottom to the top against the hairs. This ensures you are cutting the hairs close to the roots and guarantees you don’t miss any hair. It is important to not press down the razor too hard to your skin or else you can cut yourself easily. We recommend long strokes as you shave to keep your shaving consistent. For the most common shaving areas here are some further tips:


For your legs, try to start from your foot moving upwards to you knee and pause. Finish the rest of the leg starting from above the knee upward. 


For your underarms, try to keep the razor going upwards by starting from the bottom of your underarm moving it up along your armpit. Once your have completed these steps, be sure to rinse off your skin from any left over shaving gel. To avoid this and the next step, try using a 2-1 shaving gel which moisturizes your skin while you shave, saving you the hassle.

STEP 4: Moisturize

Lastly, after shaving your skin, you want to keep it smooth and healthy. To do this you need to keep your skin hydrated. Having a good moisturizer is key in helping protect your skin from loss of moisture after shaving. To avoid this step, try finding a shaving gel that has made of ingredients that locks the moisture within your skin rather than stripping it away like most shaving creams and foams. When these steps are followed directly, you are all set to wear those cute outfits and show off your flawless skin in confidence.

Having a good moisturizer is key in helping protect your skin from loss of moisture.

So how do you make shaving the most effective beauty care routine?

Shaving is known to dry out your skin but most of the time that is caused by the creams and gels that are used during the process. The key here is to use a product that moisturizes your skin during and after your shave. This also saves you a few dollars on buying a moisturizer just to keep your skin hydrated after the whole process. So why not try a 2-1 product that also nourishes your skin with vitamins. Shaving gels are usually made of ingredients that do just that. [Click here to learn more about shaving gels] One of them is the REMAY Shave Gel Bar. Made from natural ingredients, REMAY is a 2-1 coconut and tea-tree oil gel bar that provides your skin a protective clear film while you are shaving and locks moisture in your skin for a smooth and hydrated skin finish. 

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